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iLanga Services (Pty) LTD, Reg Number: 2016/537903/07 is a privately black female owned company with its main objective being primarily to be a recruitment and management company that specializes on sourcing and management of nannies and/domestic workers and other services for our clients. The business is built on the vision to take the hustle of finding a nanny and/domestic worker away from the clients but yet give them what they are looking for, which is a well trained and professional nanny or domestic worker and whom they will be able to entrust the well-being of their little ones and homes to. We do all the administration work required which includes but is not limited to, background checks, verification of documents, references checks and interviews. We can be contacted via our  contact-us.php  page or directly via email on  / 



Our prices are based on the principle of ensuring that we comply with the South African Legislation on domestic workers minimum salaries while ensuring that we keep both our clients and employees happy


The placement process follows the normal recruitment processes employed by most agents. We do however shorten the process by ensuring that at any point in time, we have personnel who have already gone through the screening process and are ready to do the final interview with the client. Our database is updated on a continuous basis to ensure that our clients get the services the expect.


We take care of all the necessary administration work associated with employing a nanny and or domestic worker. South African Law makers has ensure that all employed personnel should receive certain minimum benefits. We, as the Agency, ensures that we take care of all the administration to ensure that both our clients and personnel receive the satisfactory service. Best service delivery is what we live by.
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